MESL are included in the Consultant & Contractor File

MESL are pleased to announce their inclusion in the Consultant & Contractor File for the forthcoming period.

The edition is now available on line - click here to view


Fundraising Fun

Since the last newsletter, the team at MESL have been busy getting involved in an assortment of charitable fund-raising activities:

MESL out and about

In July, Daniel Brutto and Dr Lindsay Jane Seiderer presented a paper at the Deep Sea Mining Summit in London.

New Arrivals

MESL are delighted to announce a number of  new additions to our growing team.
Firstly, Antony Lockyer joined the MESL team in August as an Assistant Marine Consultant. Antony will assist in the delivery of a number of intertidal and subtidal projects.
In September, we will be welcoming Aimee Colcombe back to our laboratory team, where she will help us to work through our ever growing analytical workload.

MESL Taxonomy School

The MESL Taxonomy School has successfully run two workshops so far this year, with participants joining us from around the UK and Europe.

A look through the microscope

Senior Taxonomist, Bryan Wasson, has had a paper published in the Marine Biological Associations’ Marine Biodiversity Records. His paper represents the first British records of the Polychaeta species Rullierinereis ancornunezi and significantly expands the known range of this species. Bryan discovered the specimens in samples from south west UK waters. The species identification was confirmed by co-author Professor Jorge Núñez from Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife.

Down to Business

The last few months have been a busy period for MESL, with the company receiving commissions for a diverse range of

Global Impacts Report 2013

Marine Stewardship Council "Global Impacts Report 2013 - Monitoring and Evaluation"

Download document here

Invitation to Consultation

Commercial Fishing & the Marine Historic Environment

Our coastal waters are rich with marine archaeological resources, including a potentially great number of as yet undiscovered sites. These resources comprise historic shipwrecks and aircraft crash sites, submerged prehistoric landscapes and remains of coastal structures such as early fish traps. The protection of our marine historic environment is important to our cultural heritage.

Gone bananas

Sadly, Bananaman hasn’t come to town, but we do have the next best thing on our MESL team, a roving marine biologist dressed as a banana. Congratulations go to Ross Griffin, Angela de Burgh and David Alexander who have recently completed the Bristol and Bath Half Marathons. Also watch Angie “de Bore” (Burgh) surfing the Severn Bore on the largest December spring tide this year with the Aquatech team and bore legend Steve King.

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